The Southern California Probability Symposium

Symposium History

The first Southern California Probability Symposium was organized circa 1970 by Ted Harris (USC). Harris made substantial contributions to the field of probability. As such, Harris chains, in the study of stochastic processes, and the Harris inequality, in statistical physics, honorably carry his name. The Ted Harris Memorial Issue of the Annals of Applied Probability (Volume 39, Number 2) contains several articles that highlight many of his important contributions. Harris served as the first coordinator of the SCPS for approximately 10 years. The continued success of this annual event is one of his many legacies. Ted Harris passed away in 2005.

Past and Present Coordinators

  • Ted Harris (USC), c. 1970 – c. 1979
  • Tom Liggett (UCLA), c. 1980 – 1991
  • Ruth Williams (UCSD), 1992 – 2012
  • Amber Puha (CSUSM), 2013 – present

An archive of past talks can be found here.